Visit in the Dancer's dressing room
Jean-Louis Forain (1852 - 1931)

Visit in the Dancer’s dressing room, Ca. 1880.

Gouache, watercolour and ink on paper., H. 0.261 m; W. 0.295 m

Signed lower right: j.l.forain.

Provenance: Collection V. Paris, Hôtel Drouot, 27 May 1926, Maître Lair-Dubreuil, lot 110.
Private collection.

A native of Reims, Forain settled in Paris in 1864. Following a stint at the School of Fine Arts, during which he studied with Gérôme, Forain returned to Carpeaux’s studio. There, he acquired a sense of scale and sharpened his gift of observation.

The jury’s refusal of his painting for the Salon of 1874 led to his integration into the circle of independent artists led by Manet and Degas at the time. Being a part of this artistic and literary avant-garde was essential for Forain, who immersed himself in the impressionist theories of colour, light, and the representation of everyday life.

He spent time in the many different milieus that made up society of the era, the world of entertainment, of theatre and literature. He observed and illustrated with a critical eye the mannerisms and flaws proper to each of these circles, true to the spirit of the time, concerned by everyday scandals, bankers, brokers and politics. His style of drawing resembles those of his contemporaries Daumier and Toulouse-Lautrec, and accounts for his reputation as a graphic commentator for various Parisian newspapers.

Drawn to the milieu of the theatre and opera, Forain was most interested by the world behind the scenes: in the wings where the actors got ready, in the dressing rooms where they jostled for the spotlight.

This watercolour will be included in the catalogue raisonné of the works of Jean-Louis Forain currently being compiled by Mrs. Florence Valdès-Forain.